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In fact, the word “luggage” comes from the Scandinavian word “lug” which the English Oxford Dictionary defines as “carry or drag with great effort”. That pretty much sums it up – nobody likes lugging their baggage to and from the airport. The problems associated with luggage don’t end when you get to the airport; actually that’s where most of the problems begin. Long check-in lines, hassles at security checkpoints, and lost luggage anxiety at the baggage claim are common occurrences these days.

Carrying luggage with you is no longer an efficient way to travel and now it is becoming a thing of the past thanks to the niche industry of luggage forwarding companies. The days of FedEx’ing your golf clubs to Florida are over as well because luggage forwarding companies have better rates, better customer service, and better reliability and some even have better insurance. These door-to-door luggage shipping companies are making a name for themselves with on-time delivery guarantees and top notch customer service.

Ship Luggage when Airlines Charge

Airlines are under tremendous pressure to cut costs and since they are actually in the business of shipping people it is no surprise that they are looking to baggage as a relief valve. The heavier the plan, the more fuel it consumes and as fuel costs increase the airlines have imposed stringent baggage restrictions. The days of checking three bags are over. So avoid excess baggage fees next time you travel and forward your luggage to your destination.

Ship Golf Bags to the Old Course in Scotland

There is nothing worse than lugging All Round Shipping your golf clubs to the airport except playing a round with rented clubs. Now there’s a solution for international travelers to send their clubs ahead when they’re planning a round of golf abroad. Three days to Scotland means you can play one weekend in New York and the next in Yorkshire without the hassle and cost of checking them with the Airlines.

Ship Skis and Snowboard to the Lodge in Aspen

The family ski trip can easily turn into a nightmare when you realize that you’ve got to get 5 pairs of skis and 6 duffel bags to and from the airport. Imagine showing up at the lodge to find you skis waxed and ready to go. Some luggage shipping companies go above and beyond to provide their clients with first class service extras. Forwarding luggage truly provides total travel convenience.

Ship Family Items to your Summer House on Nantucket

If you’re trying to figure out how to get your summer gear to the beach for the season then look no more. Luggage shipping services handle strollers, cribs, beach umbrellas, bikes, wheel chairs and of curse they also ship luggage. Some of the forwarding companies will even arrange to have you fridge stocked with groceries when you arrive so you don’t need to waste precious beach time at the grocery store.

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